1, PVC resin.

Plastic profiles are usually made of rigid resin with a polymerization degree of 1000 (SG5) and a K value of 66~68. Although the resin supplier’s brand and production process are different, but the general profile manufacturers resin selection is fixed, will not change at will. However, there are batches of unstable factors in the resin produced by acetylene. If the best batch is selected, the same batch should be adopted.

Moreover, the colorant is made up of three parts of the carrier, the color agent and the additive. The colorant has some degree of insolubility with the PVC resin. Therefore, when choosing the carrier of the colorant, the coloring agent should be the same type as the resin to be coloured, and vice versa.

2. Stabilizers.

Stabilizers have a positive effect on the fastness and weatherability of plastic products. Stabilizers are heat stabilizers and light stabilizers. It is not only to add such additives in the profile formula, but the coloring agent itself is also to be added, and it is best to be consistent with the model, batch and manufacturer in the profile formula.

3. Antioxidants.

Antioxidants have a good protective effect on the colour and lustre of polymers, and generally the main and auxiliary antioxidants have excellent thermal stability and antioxidant properties. At present, the best application in the plastic industry is 1010 of the Swiss auto company, which is generally used in collaboration with ETHAPHOS368, BTHANOX310 or DLTP, and the amount is generally between 0.3 and 1%.

4. Ultraviolet absorbents.

The addition of ultraviolet absorbents in polymers can reduce the damage of sunlight to polymer resins, but this damage can not be completely avoided. Experiments show that the addition of ultraviolet absorbents does not protect the surface of the polymer because it first acts in the polymer, so the purpose of adding UV absorbers is to inactivate the free radicals before the polymer chain reaction begins. The commonly used models are UV-9, UV-531, UV-35, UV-327 and so on, while UV-531 is more commonly used in plastic profiles. The combination of UV Absorbents and hindered amines (HALS) has chemical synergistic effect.

ultraviolet light absorber

5. Lubricants.

The selection of lubricants in the formulation is also critical. Good lubricants will give high quality finish to plastic profiles. Oxidized polyethylene wax, PE, OPE, EBS and so on are generally selected. As far as possible without paraffin wax, paraffin extrusion of serious precipitation will shorten the mold cleaning time, affect the product finish, and serious will directly affect the physical properties of profiles.

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