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   Outdoor WPC decking

Hanming WPC Pergola

Hanming WPC Pergola

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Hanming WPC dustbin

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China capped composite decking boards
China capped composite decking boards138X23mm hollow co-extrusion composite deck china

China WPC: Professional WPC decking board factory and Manufacturer

China WPC decking factory | wood plastic composite floor Manufacturer

Price: 15usd/sm-33usd/sqm

Brand: Hanming WPC

HS Code:3918909000

Length: 2.2m, 2.9m, 5.8m or Customized
Accessories:Clips, WPC Joist, Skirting, Screws
Specification: 140X25mm, 150X25mm, 146X22mm,138X23mm,etc.
Test Report:Intertek and SGS
Surface Treatment:Sanded, Brushed, Wood Grain
Color: Red, brown, yellow, black, Grey, coffee, etc

China WPC decking factory | wood plastic composite floor Manufacturer

China’s WPC factories, mostly distributed in Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other Provinces. Factories in these places make use of the rich local wood resources and mature plastic recycling systems to produce WPC products on a large scale. Their WPC covers many series, from park benches & trash cans to balcony floors & garden fences at home. These products are based on plastic wood as the main material, both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

CHANGXING HANMING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is specialized in the production and management of wood plastic composite materials in Zhejiang, China.

WPC and their products have the dual properties of wood and plastics. They have a strong sense of wood and can produce different colors according to their needs. They have many properties that do not exist in wood: high mechanical properties, light weight, moisture-proof, acid-alkali resistance and easy cleaning, etc. At the same time, it overcomes the shortcomings of high water absorption rate, easy deforming and cracking of wood materials, and easy to be molded by insects.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) is a new type of environmental protection composite material which is made of wood fiber or plant fiber with various forms as reinforcing material or filler. After pretreatment, it can be combined with thermoplastic resin (PP,PE,PVC) or other materials.

wood plastic composite decking or wpc decking is aslo called Composite Lumber and Composite wood in the world.Now it is one kind of best deck materials.

factory of WPC deck in china

China is located in the east of Asia and its capital is in Beijing. It is a unified multi-ethnic country composed of 56 ethnic groups.China’s land area is about 9.6 million square kilometers. China is the world’s most populous developing country, the third largest country in land area, and China is the world’s second largest economy, and it continues to be the largest contributor to world economic growth.

WPC products Component from HANMING WPC GROUP In China:            

 1) 35% Grade A Recycled HDPE

2) 55% Professionally treated dry wood fiber 

3) 10% Import Chemical additives (Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizer,ect. )   

Wood plastic composite materials are widely used in many fields because of their good stability, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, among which it is particularly important in the field of outdoor.

Our WPC Products are Not only used in major projects such as the Bird’s Nest of the Beijing Olympic Games, the China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo, the main venue of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Dalian Summer Davos Forum beach trestle and other major projects, but they are also exported to Western Europe, America, Japan, Australia, Africa, etc. Southeast Asia and more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

solid wpc decking china

Solid wood plastic composite decking from China Manufacturer

138X23mm hollow co-extrusion composite deck china

Capped composite decking board from China Factory–Capped decking provides better waterproofing because of the capped layers.

China is a country with extremely scarce wood materials resources, in order to protect forest resources, WPC can replace the use of wood in the field of architectural decoration.

Features of China WPC decking  :

1. Anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, anti-aging.
2. easy to clean,heat insulation and sound insulation.
3. Vivid surface patterns, which looks more elegant and style.
4. Good machinability, clinching, planing, sawing, drilling and painting are all available.
5. Easy to install, maintenance, and clean.
6. Free of maintenance. No cracking, swelling and deforming; Free maintenance and keeping, easy cleaning; cost saving for the maintenance and keeping.
7. Various colors and patters provided, which can meet all the requirements of different customers.   

wpc decking sheet

China wpc deck board

WPC material is in China a very young industry,However, its development is extremely rapid in  recent years,In 2016, China replaced the United States as the world’s largest producer and exporter of wood-plastic products.Most of WPC  raw materials  use waste recycled plastic and waste wood powder, which also provides an economical solution for the white pollution in China.

Our main products include WPC hollow or solid compsoite decking, Interlocking composite decking tiles, WPC Fencing|Railing, WPC park chair, WPC flower box , wpc gallery frame,wpc pavilion, WPC trestle and other outdoor products.

Outdoor decking from Hanming wpc can make the length longer, such as 5.4M or even longer, which will make the whole terrace with few seams.There is no need to use chemicals such as paint, sealant or wood wax oil like traditional preservative wood outdoor flooring.

Professional HANMING WPC offers a variety of color options, and all manufactured WPC outdoor flooring is easy to maintain, lives longer, and is pest resistant.

Factory artificial wood flooring

How to Manufacture the wood plastic composite decking ?

To ensure the best performance and longest life of your WPC decking, it is essential to understand the correct installation methods.

Installation Of WPC decking board:

1.Clean the floor,keep certain distance between two WPC keels,keep all keels ready.

2.Build the framework with accessories.

3.Shape the decking to fit side,we can also provide floor edge.

4.Make decking and keel together with accessories.Considering heat expansion and contraction,keep some distance between WPC decking.

5.Various decking designs and different installations.Welcome to contact and share.

we can Print the wood grain on the WPC decking , pls see the video;
About Prices of WPC Decking boards:

There is no uniform price on the market For WPC Products, The prices of WPC is related to the different models and the grades of raw materials, When selling, WPC board is generally on square meter or per meter price to sell .The same size, Such as the 140X25mm, The hollow price would surely be somewhat cheaper, Color also affects the price, If it is a white product, Price will be 80-100USD/SQM higher, This is mainly because the ingredients contained in white pigments are more expensive and the requirements for making white WPC products are stricter. The same size, The price of online embossing will be about 50USD a square higher than ordinary wood grain.

If you want to import WPC products from China, Pls do not covet the cheap price, because even if the same size, such as 140X25mm hollow decking,The  up and down Wall thickness of the decking from some manufacturers are thiner, It generally has 1-2mm difference, the price looks cheaper , but the floor is easy to be damaged and the service life is greatly shortened.

And the Price of china’s wpc decking also has a great advantage . Compared with Trex, fiberon, and other brands, the price of China wpc is more affordable, making it more affordable for more consumers to buy high-quality outdoor decorative materials.

WPC Decking with good Packaging                                                                Composite decking board

How many colors can customers order WPC from HANMING WPC GROUP ?The main colors provided from us are: redwood, redbrown, coffee, yellow, chocolate,coffee, black, gray, Teak,etc.

One of the powerful advantages of WPC products is customization, which Color can be adjusted, and Various forms and specifications of WPC can be made through the mold. Compared with natural wood that is not easy to process and shape, this will obviously be more in line with the DIY requirements of future users.

color of wpc

WPC decking made in China is inexpensive and stable in performance, which can effectively reduce the cost of builders. At the same time, this material is easy to process and can meet the design needs of different architects.As WPC decking is green & environmentally friendly, it meets the current international market’s environmental protection requirements for building materials, so the market demand continues to grow.

Importing outdoor WPC materials from China has the following advantages:

1, The quality of the WPC materials and the stability of supply can be guaranteed;

2, Efficient and low-cost transportation services can be enjoyed;

3, The development of environmentally friendly products can be supported.

Therefore, whether from the perspective of economic benefits or social benefits, importing WPC decking materials from China is a wise choice.As one of the largest manufacturing countries in the world, China’s products have spread all over the world. Among them, WPC decking materials already have been one of China’s important exports.

In 2022,China is the world’s largest production and export country of WPC products.
Hanming Export Many Composite decking to A lot of Countries,Like Dubai, India,Oman,UK,Saudi Arabia,USA,Poland,Kuwait,Italy.ETC.Customer feedback on our products and services is very good.When you visit our website, it may be an opportunity for you to start working with us.

You will be guaranteed quality and delivery time of WPC decking from China.This can’t be replaced by India or Vietnam Market. and Hanming is a Good exporter with better reputation in China.

Plastic wood compsite floor

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  3D Embossing WPC decking                       capped composite decking 

china wpc decking

capped wpc deck project

Application of WPC DECKING From China .

WPC imported from China is widely used in many fields due to its unique performance and appearance. 

1.Outdoor places  WPC decking is waterproof and not easy to absorb water, so it is very suitable for outdoor places, such as swimming pools, terraces, gardens and other ground paving. There is no need to worry about the impact of humid weather on the ground, nor the fading of the decking due to ultraviolet rays from the sun.In a hydrophilic environment, such as a swimming pool, it is recommended to lay capped wpc decking, which is highly waterproof and does not damage the decking.

2.Commercial space, whether it is a cafe, bookstore or hotel lobby,WPC board can provide a floor or wall solution that is both beautiful and practical, and enhance the grade of the space.

3.The school’s leisure platform   WPC decking is very suitable for laying in schools because it does not require painting and maintenance. It avoids the production of harmful substances and allows children to grow freely in a natural and friendly environment.

China also has a huge domestic market, every year China’s outdoor projects also used a large number of WPC products, and these two years due to the new crown epidemic and trade protection, Although the export of WPC to foreign countries has shrunk to a certain extent, but the overall trend is still good, Chinese-made Composite products are also favored by foreign customers.

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