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China Anti-UV Composite lumber for Outdoor use

Price: 15usd/sqm-22usd/sqm

Brand: Hanming WPC

Technics:Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring

Function:Water-proof, Anti-sli, Anti-UV

Surface Treatment:wood Garin, Sand, Brush

Usage:Swimming Pool Decking. Garden Decking,Park

Length:2.2m,2.7m,5.4m,or customized

Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60





When it comes to Composite lumber, People will think of synthetic wood.I believe a lot of people already know about composite lumber used outdoors. It is Made of Wood Power and High density PE ,and it is aslo called WPC decking, wood plastic composite decking board.

It is important to resist ultraviolet light on the floor used outdoors, otherwise it will speed up the service life of the decking.Our composite products are equipped with anti-ultraviolet line agent, which has a good anti-ultraviolet effect.

WPC  is also widely used for outdoors because of its anti-uv property, which is seen not only in many urban projects in China but also abroad.Our Decking is also widely used in countries with hot climates, like Dubai, Saudi Arabia,etc.

composite lumber from China

China Composite Lumber What kind of outdoor floor is UV resistant?So far, Composite lumber is the best choice.

Plastic wood Lumber is aslo called WPC decking,it is Produced by 55%Wood Power +35% HDPE+10%additives.

Because there are anti-ultraviolet agents in the additives, so the product has a longer service life, will not fade.

composite outdoor decking floor can be used for Garden, Outdoor Park,Walk road,pontoon,Terrace,bridge,etc.

composite decking floor

Composite lumber

Hanming WPC focus on providing new type environmental protection wood plastic composite material——WPC.wood plastic composite new material is green energy-saving &environmental protection product. Our main products: outdoor floor, fence, roof terrace,pavilion,bridge,stair board, outdoor table and chair, villa patio, gallery pergola, landscape,advertising sign, wall cladding etc. In order to provide high quality, low cost, superior performance of the new type outdoor environmental protection material for domestic and oversea customers.

anti slip wpc decking

The Surface of composite decking floor can be grooved or with wood texture .

Advantages of composite outdoor decking floor:

This new wood plasti composite profile is produced by modern technology together with some special additives.

This material combines the advantage of natural wood and plastic material, and there are many colors and surface

treatment for customer selection. This new type of green environmental material possesses some superior characteritics

like waterproof, anti-corrosion, pest resistance, high strength, easy processing, free maintenance, no painting,

no gule and many other features.

composite floor

Due to the fact that WPC products are often used outdoors, they must not only have the characteristics of resisting climate weathering but also have a certain resistance to biochemical corrosion. Because the main component of wood-plastic composite products is wood, they are also vulnerable to erosion by microorganisms harmful to wood products. Therefore, high-quality WPC materials will add light stabilizers, antioxidants, anti-ultraviolet agents, etc.

How to install composite decking floor well .

floor composite

How long is the Life of Wood-plastic flooring?

Traditional wood decks have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Because composite decking is weather, insect,

and rot resistant, making it last for 25 to 30 years or longer.

To illustrate here, the installation of wood-plastic floors is also very important.

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