With the rapid development of wood plastic industry, the anticorrosive wood which was popular in China was gradually replaced by wood-plastic products, and wood-plastic products were gradually used in landscape and outdoor engineering.In recent years, the word environmental protection frequently appears in our life, with the popularization of environmental protection knowledge, people’s awareness of conservation is gradually enhanced, as 100% recyclable wood plastic products, more in line with people’s concept of environmental protection.This WPC product is often seen in outdoor garden engineering. In the deep-rooted awareness of environmental protection abroad, the application of wood-plastic products have more advantages,which is more widely used.

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However, the traditional anticorrosive wood outdoor floor needs to carry on the regular professional maintenance, grinding, brushing oil, coloring ,these complex maintenance work often makes the owner very troubled,Even with frequent maintenance and maintenance, the traditional anticorrosive wood outdoor floor can not withstand the complex and changeable outdoor  environment, the service life is still not long enough,Wood plastic outdoor decking under such a market demand ,So it gradually get into people’s outdoor life.

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The use of wood-plastic products in garden engineering is not simply for decoration,Anti-corrosive wood was popular throughout the country, mainly because it can give people a character of logs,And the visual appearance of wood plastic products can also achieve the effect of logs.on appearance, wood-plastic products can feel the texture of wood more intuitively,And anticorrosive wood is more like wearing an anticorrosive coat, isolating the natural feeling of wood.

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However, in the process of practical use of products, the performance of products is the important reason for outdoor engineering selection,.Anti-corrosion wood does have a lot of use in outdoor engineering, but it is not suitable for use in too wet outdoor environment.

Not to mention that anticorrosive wood is prone to rot, crack, warp deformation,Even in normal use, chemicals on the surface of the wood are still volatile,Regular maintenance and refurbishment are still required.but wood plastic products do not need to be maintained so frequently, reducing later maintenance costs.

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Why are WPC Products more and popular?—Comparison of WPC and preservative wood.

The use of wood-plastic products in garden engineering is not just for decoration. at the beginning,Embalming wood prevails throughout the country,The main reason is that preservative wood can give people a log characteristics,but the appearance of wood plastic product can also achieve the effect of log.In terms of appearance effect, wood plastic products can more intuitively feel the texture of wood.

However, in the actual use of the product, the performance of the product is the important reason for the outdoor engineering choice.Embalming wood is indeed widely used in outdoor engineering, but it is not suitable in a too wet outdoor environment.

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Hanming outdoor floors now look almost exactly the same as red cedar or Brazilian walnuts, but they never age and rot.Compared with the early wood-plastic outdoor flooring, Hanming outdoor deck has now opened a new chapter, more durable, more colorful, more realistic texture and more simplified installation technology.We can see Hanming outdoor floor surface has a special  co-extrusion coating layer, which is a bit like the production process of golf balls. And the use of invisible fasteners installed unified, floor surface without screws.Compared with the traditional anticorrosive wood complex regular maintenance, Hanming outdoor floor maintenance work is equivalent to zero! Maybe you just need to rinse with water every year, that’s all.


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