best wood for decks
best wood for decks

Choosing the Best wood for Decks | best wood to use for decks

FOB shanghai Price:15usd/sqm –32usd/sqm

surface treatment:sanded, brushed, wood grain, groove

Advantages:Use of waste and recycled materials

Used for such as boardwalks , docks,Parks,Swimming pool and Gardens.Our WPC decking and others are slip resistant.

The raw material of the decking and others: 55% bamboo powder, 35% HDPE, 10% additive

Do you know which material is the best wood for Decks ?
In the Past , People use Hardwood or antiseptic wood . The terrace is exposed to the wind and rain outside and must be tested by all kinds of bad weather. recently years  A new kind of material named wood plastic composite decking ( WPC /BPC decking ) is very popular for Decks.

why is the Composite Lumber to be the Best wood for Outdoor decks?

As it is made with recycled plastic, there is a wide range of color and finish options. Another bonus of composite wood, it needs little to no maintenance. This is the one material that won’t require staining and cleaning regularly.

best deck material—WPC decking

best deck material

This material is recycled decking material .

Best wood for outdoor decks

house deck from china

NOW WPC decking is the best  wood for Decks

Composite decking has hollow or Solid Items, and Surfaces with grooves or wood Textures.Now WPC outdoor floor surfaces  look almost exactly the same as red cedar or brazilian walnuts, but they never age and rot.Composite decking is More durable, more colorful, more realistic texture and more simplified installation process.And WPC with invisible fasteners,Compared with the traditional anticorrosive wood complex regular maintenance, outdoor wpc floor maintenance work is equivalent to zero! Maybe you just need to rinse with water every year, that’s all.

Anti-Slip Best wood for Decks Advantages:

1.Recyclable, environmentally friendly:

Wood plastic composite (WPC) made of 100% recycle raw material.

2.Water-proof, termite-resistant:

Wood plastic composite(WPC) can stand up to wind, rain and sun. Installation and operation is easy. It is widely used in places near water and moist environment: outdoor decking, bypath, pavilion, platform, wall decoration.

3.High Cost Performance:

The primary input of WPC product is a little higher than common lumber, but because of less maintenance, anti-moth and long life time, it is a highly cost performance product

4.Easy to intall, minimal maintenance required:

Could be cut,drilled or nailed.Adjustable specification and shape,very flexible

wood plastic composite decking

Best wood for Decks —wpc hollow decking 

changxing Hanming technology Co.,LTD

150x25mm Solid decking

How to install WPC decking

house outdoor deck

Composite decks are made up of two main substances: PE and wood. Manufacturers use wood pieces to give the panels the appearance of natural wood.The Plastic holds the wood pieces together and protects the material from weather damage. Despite costing more than other decking options, composite decking lasts a long time and never has to be sealed or stained. This makes composite decks a great option for people who prefer decks that will need little maintenance over the years.

Above all, we think wpc is the best wood for decks.

If you want to use a more upscale composite floor for DECK materials, we can also recommend Capped composite decking.This is a class of 360 degrees protected by plastics of a special material.It has the advantages of no water stain, oil resistance, easy cleaning, and mildew resistance.Of course, the price will be a little higher.

composite deck

All in all, it is up to the customer to build a DECK, and for the composite floor, it is only the kind of outdoor material that we recommend that is very good for deck. If the customer’s budget is not enough or there is too much difference, you can also choose WOOD decking.For the advantages of wood-plastic floor, you can still understand —the advantages of wood-plastic decking.

Changxing Hanming Technology Co.,LTD is a best wood decks Supplier in wood plastic composite for decks manufacturer in china.We export deck materials which are made of WPC.there are hollow or Solid items for outdoor decks.Build a deck can add your house value, iit can be part of the front yard or backyard landscape, or it can be used as a space to expand life, or it can be a beautiful courtyard or observation area for large buildings.

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