WPC material is a kind of polymer wood composite material, with wear resistance, anticorrosion, waterproof and other remarkable characteristics. The service life of WPC outdoor floor can reach 15 years above commonly, It can reach 20 years even. Because the plastic wood material is not easy to rot, will not be exposed to ultraviolet light and fade, but also WPC has excellent seismic performance, will not be affected by climate change.

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In the actual use process, the correct installation will also have an impact on the service life of the outdoor WPC Decking. because the WPC material has the characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction, So it need leave a gap between the boards when installation.And we suggest that when making screws, use a drill to draw a small hole on the board, Then tighten the screw.The keel spacing below the WPC DECKING, if it is a hollow floor or the place with  large traffic, The interkeel spacing also needs to be appropriately reduced, these can help to extend the service life of the floor.

It is resistant to all weather extremes and will not warp, rot or crack as easily as traditional wood. Longer life and increased durability make it a popular choice. And WPC material’s resistance to UV rays and natural elements gives it an even better lifespan.

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However, due to the pursuit of low price, many manufacturers in China use poor raw materials, which also greatly reduces the service life of WPC decking, and many manufacturers do not add anti-ultraviolet agents, antioxidants, This all reduces the WPC decking lifetime.So we see a lot of WPC that get damaged after three years of useage.outdoor WPC floor has natural wood grain effect, high quality WPC products can withstand years of sunshine, rain, snow and other weather.

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Wpc decking is used in the outdoor area, the outdoor environment is relatively severe, and many areas still have a lot of rain and snow, coupled with the daily flow of people,Ordinary wood floor is also more likely to appear wear of the situation.Compared with the ordinary type of wood flooring, the practicality of WPC decking is stronger, and it has longer service time.

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The service life of outdoor WPC decking is also related to the choice of WPC flooring types. Under the premise of sufficient project budget, Choosing solid WPC lumber will be longer than the hollow floor for service time,  wall thickness of hollow decking from some manufacturers are made Very thin, this kind of floor is easy to be damaged. In addition, a new co-extruded WPC decking recently appeared,especially the solid co-extrusion WPC decking, that quality will be much better, the service life will be much longer. The keel spacing can sometimes aslo affect the use of the wpc, The keel spacing is generally kept between 300-400mm, if the span is too much, there is also a risk of damage to the WPC decking.

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In fact, WPC decking generally does not need special maintenance, but we know that wpc floor is used in outdoors, unavoiditably can bring about a few knock of WPC decking , so this part of the floor can be replaced, so that also can ensure the long-term use of the deck.

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