Hot embossing extruding of wpc decking
dubai wpc deck

best outdoor deck material in Dubai | Dubai WPC deck board

FOB shanghai Price:16usd/sqm –32usd/sqm

surface treatment:sanded, brushed, wood grain, groove

Advantages:Use of waste and recycled materials

Used for such as boardwalks , docks,Parks,Swimming pool and Gardens.Our WPC decking and others are slip resistant.

The raw material of the decking and others: 55% bamboo powder, 35% HDPE, 10% additive

What’s best outdoors decking material in Dubai? Or composite wood decking material in UAE ?


Dubai, this desert city is famous for its luxurious and modern architecture. As the concept of sustainable development becomes more and more popular, the wpc decking materials market is also showing a booming momentum here.

In Dubai, due to its unique climatic conditions, traditional wooden floors are prone to deformation and distortion due to humidity. With its excellent moisture resistance and deformation resistance, WPC DECKING  shows excellent adaptability in hot and sandy environments. In addition, Dubai, as an international business and tourism center, has very high requirements for the decoration of high-end places such as hotels, shopping malls, villas, which makes WPC Decking a popular choice because of its beauty and practicality.

Composite deck china

Dubai is the richest trade center in the UAE, the main free trade port in the Middle East, Dubai is the world famous duty-free zone, and Dubai ranks the 15th among the most popular tourist areas in the world. The prosperity of real estate and tourism in Dubai has boosted the demand for wood and plastic products in Dubai every year. And Dubai is a good springboard to enter the Iraqi market.

Hot embossing extruding of wpc decking

The Raw material of the decking and others: 55% WPC powder, 35% HDPE, 10% additive
Anti-Slip Composite Decking Advantages:
1.Recyclable, environmentally friendly:
Wood plastic composite (WPC) made of 100% recycle raw material.
2.Water-proof, termite-resistant:
Wood plastic composite(WPC) can stand up to wind, rain and sun. Installation and operation is easy. It is widely used in places near water and moist environment: outdoor decking, bypath, pavilion, platform, wall decoration.
3.High Cost Performance:
The primary input of WPC product is a little higher than common lumber, but because of less maintenance, anti-moth and long life time, it is a highly cost performance product
4.Easy to intall, minimal maintenance required:
Could be cut,drilled or nailed.Adjustable specification and shape,very flexible Size.

UK wpc Decking project

Composite deck board china

Environmental protection is an old-fashioned issue nowadays, so more and more materials are going in the direction of environmental protection in dubai, so the environmental protection performance of wpc decking meets the needs of society.Various outdoor wpc decking can be seen in parks, hotels, and homes in Dubai. WPC has strong stability and weather resistance;Many villas and garden houses in Dubai have already used composite material.

Dubai is the economic port of the UAE,Dubai has become a supplier of construction, hotels and other products in Oman, Saudi Arabia and North Africa.Wood plastic flooring is the best alternative to solid wood flooring and other composite floorings,It is a green floor highly recommended by the Dubai government,Shopping Plaza in Dubai, Dubai Police Academy Park, Al seef Cultural District, The RIPE Marketplace, the Boxpark,The wpc DECKing figure can be found in many places.

Solid deck

So where does Dubai’s WPC generally come from? Dubai is mainly trade-oriented, and there is no WPC manufacturer itself. Many of them are imported from China, and then sold in the UAE, and some will be sold to Oman.At present, the popular sizes imported from China in Dubai are 146X22mm hollow, 140X25mm Hollow, 150X25mm hollow,and they will import some sizes with online embossing,like the below picture;

online wpc deck

The building materials retail market in the Dubai has a large room for improvement, and China’s WPC has a great price advantage and high quality, and the development potential of the building materials market in the UAE is huge.The UAE market has a great demand for foreign building materials, and Dubai, as the commercial center of the UAE, is an important gateway for building materials imports.Some of Dubai’s natatorium, racetrack, park, corridor can see the figure of WPC material,because WPC material is not afraid of moisture, not afraid of sun, not afraid of wind and rain, so it is more durable and suitable than traditional floor materials.

In Dubai, with the increasing demand for environmentally friendly building materials, the market prospects of wpc decking are widely optimistic. Whether it is a family home, commercial space or public facilities, wpc has become one of the first choices of designers and builders for its environmental, aesthetic and practical characteristics.
WPC decking, as a new type of environmentally friendly building materials, has occupied a place in the Dubai market. It not only meets people’s pursuit of beauty and comfort, but also reflects the responsibility and commitment to environmental protection. Over time, it is expected that the demand for WPC flooring in the Dubai market will continue to grow, contributing to the sustainable development of the city.





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