swimming pool wpc deck 1
swimming pool wpc deck 1

Swimming pool wpc decking or Anti-UV swimming pool deck flooring

Price: 14usd/sqm-19usd/sqm

Brand: Hanming WPC in China

Surface treatment:sanded, brushed, wood grain, groove

Advantages:Use of waste and recycled materials

Used for such as boardwalks , docks,Parks,Swimming pool and Gardens.Our WPC decking and others are slip resistant.

The raw material of the decking and others: 55% bamboo powder, 35% HDPE, 10% additive.

Swimming pool can use WPC decking board,it has more advantages than wood.  Swimming pool wpc decking is very popular now. swimming pool deck flooring  made of wood plastic composite will be anti-UV,antioxidative and with long lifetime.wood plastic pool decking with gooved or wood texture surface,So It has an anti-skid effect.

For the optional swimming pool floor material, waterproof and non-slip performance is also essential, WPC can be said to be the first choice of affirmative.

WPC materials can be used as the main base material in outdoor ground, trestle road and garden road, and has great advantages in outdoor ground pavement such as courtyard, park, club, garden community, swimming pool, near water landscape, trestle road, etc.

The pool and wpc decking are matched perfectly:It has the function of waterproof, moisture, anti-ultraviolet effect is very good, at the same time also anti-fade.swimming pool wpc decking board

Swimming pool deck flooring with slip resistance

Anti-Slip pool deck wpc Advantages:

Outdoor flooring should be beautiful and weather resistant,WPC composite flooring not only fundamentally solves the problems of cracking, warping, scarring, insects, and environmental protection of solid wood,WPC also overcomes the problems of easy deformation, no wear resistance and fading of plastic,wpc  allows you to enjoy a comfortable outdoor life!

WPC decking is not easy to fade, because the selection of raw materials is very strict, the materials used are very good, and the pigments are also high quality, so it is very good to avoid fading or losing color.

swimming pool wpc deck

Co-extrusion decking can be used for pool deck flooring too, It has latest co-extruded protection technology, perfect colors & highly scratch resistant surface.Capped decking is perfect ideal for any area of the home, whether it is to serve as an entertainment patio or to provide a surface around for the swimming pool.But it is not cheap to build. Outdoor swimming pool decking exposed to the damage of ultraviolet and moisture for a long time,Co-extrusion decking can easily deal with this.

In particular, the capped WPC deck  surface adds a layer of ASA material,ASA can not only resist the degradation, aging and fading caused by ultraviolet radiation, but also have a strong guarantee for the decomposition or discoloration caused by high temperature in the process of oxidation processing in the atmosphere. which greatly improves the anti-aging and weather resistance of the material.According to the test results, the anti-aging performance of ASA is more than 10 times that of other materials.It can reach 10 years without obvious fading phenomenon.

swimming pool deck board 123

capped composite

Materials of Swimming pool decking boards from China:

hhow to make WPC decking ?

factory of wpc

Swimming Pool WPC boards equipment

1. What Are The Main Advantages Of WPC products?

A: 1) First of all, the wood plastic materials are 100% recyclable;

     2) it is long-lasting, stable for the outdoor conditions, like sun exposure, rain, temperature ariations etc;

    3) it requires low maintenance; etc.

B: Will WPC decking and Fence fade in color?
Most materials exposed to UV and other weathering effects will fade.WPC decking and Fence solutions are blended with high quality raw material and UV-inhibiting pigments to minimize fade and produce products consistent in color. All products will fade evenly.

swimming deck board

swimming pool wpc deck 1


1.we can do the designs according to the customer’s requirement

2.we can open customer’s ‘own mould as per their requirement
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6. promptly delivery. small order is welcome.

About us:

Since founded in 2008, Hanming  is growing very fast with annual growth of 40%, in 2011 we have become one of the leading WPC product  companies in China. Our customers are from more than 30 countries in the world, and more and more find us and request to start a cooperation. Hanming  has made most of the kinds in WPC, we can Supply  different  WPC decking,wall Panel,Fence,Railing,Pergola,DIY flooring,Bench ,etc. 

decking for swimming pool

co-extrusion composite decking

In the hot summer, the sun is like gold on the ground, people are always eager to find a cool place, and the swimming pool is the most popular summer paradise. But you know what? A flawless swimming pool is not only in its water quality and design, but also in those details – among them, the application of wpc decking is that shining point.
The water resistance of wpc decking is undoubtedly the biggest magic weapon that it can be widely used in the water side.the traditional wood floor is exposed to water for a long time, it will be deformed, moldy, and its life will be greatly shortened.However,WPC DECKING can be used in water for a long time without any qualitative change. This material is specially processed so that it does not absorb water and expand even in wet environments, and it does not fade due to ultraviolet radiation, which means that the edge of your pool can always remain beautiful and stable.

deck installation

After seeing this, do you already have a new understanding of wpc decking? It is not just an ordinary floor, but also a powerful assistant for upgrading the aesthetics of your swimming pool. If you are still hesitating, why not take action and buy such a stylish and practical floor for your swimming pool! I believe that soon, when your friends set foot on your wpc decking, their astonishing looks and compliments will make you feel that all the investment is worth it.
Now, it’s time to give your swimming pool a new look and choose wpc decking to make it special this summer!

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