How to clean the WPC decking ?( Five Ways for different situations)

With the plastic wood floor is recognized, many private housing began to choose plastic wood flooring. Many people don’t know how to clean up plastic flooring when there are various stains on their surfaces. Green wood manufacturers through the summary, collate out five ways to share with everyone.

Method 1. If there is dust or dirt on the plywood floor, clean it with a broom or brush, then rinse with cold water.

Method 2. If there are grease stains on the plastic wood floor, clean with deoiling detergent, and then rinse with heat.

Method 3. If the plastic wood floor is marked with colored pens or other colors, clean with hot soapy water and bleach, but this method does not completely remove it. Therefore, do not use oil-colored pens or other products on plastic floors.

Method 4. If the plastic wood floor remains dirt, rust stains, using oxalic acid or phosphoric acid containing cleaning products for cleaning, but this method is only to reduce the stains, it is difficult to remove them completely.

Method 5. If the plywood floor is sprinkled with juice and wine, mix the bleach in hot water, gently wipe the stain, and rinse with hot water.

Gaps between the boards should also be cleared of debris should this occur. As with timber, the longer your deck is dirty, the more work it will take to get it clean again

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