PVC/PE/PP wood plastic composite decking production line can produce all kinds of profile, for example, decking (flooring), window, door and door frame, pallet, cladding of outdoor wall, faciliry of ourside park etc.

Production craft:

1.PE/PP+wood extrusion line craft:
Wood milling(wood powder,rice husk)— Mixer(plastic+wood)—Granulator—Wpc extrusion line+Auxiliary

2.PVC+wood extrusion line craft:
Wood milling(wood powder,rice husk)—Mixer(plastic+wood)—Wpc extrusion line+Auxiliary

Features of WPC decking profile extrusion line:
The extruder is equipped with the temperature controlling gauges of advantages of high precision temperature controlling,easy and reliable operation.
The vacuum calibration table is equipped with strong cooling device which ensures the cooling effect.
Caterpillar type haul off unit,equipped with the precise speed reduction motor and inverter,has the advantages of reasonable structure,powerful and stable haul off force.
The cutter has the reliable and accurate cutting performance.
The stacker has the movable stacking trolley and special made rubber protection layer to prevent the product from being scratched.
The downstream equipment of this extrusion line uses the programmable computer or domestic made controlling system for stable and reliable operation.


Wood plastic machinery production line, advanced technology, reliable quality, stable production, and has a variety of embossing functions.Various roller molds can be processed according to the pattern samples provided by the user, with novel type, complete function, beautiful and easy, economical and practical.

First, this wood plastic press height 1480 × wide 1920 × long 2250, door width 1000mm, is a suitable model, cost-effective practical model.If the user has special requirements, our company can adjust the width according to the requirements of the specific requirements.

Second. In order to improve the quality of wood plastic products, the wood plastic press has installed a heating device.Intelligent digital display automatic detection and control instrument is adopted, with the characteristics of high display accuracy, good temperature control performance, strong seismic resistance, good reliability, clear reading number and no parallax.The temperature can be set from 0℃ -250℃, automatically controlled, fully meet the requirements of wood plastic stamping.

WPC extruder

Wpc Extrusion Line manufacturers & suppliers  in China

With Hanming’s technology, it is possible to obtain profiles composed of natural fiber up to 80%, with features that make them better than wood in terms of reliability, performance and production costs. Hanming also produces systems for the manufacture of WPC granules, which in turn can be transformed in finished product through molding or extrusion. 

extruder of wpc board

Double screw extruder PVC/WPC window door fram profile production machine /PVC profile extruder machinery
plastic extruder PVC/WPC window door fram profile making machine
Double screw PVC/WPC window door fram profile extrusion line/making machine
PVC/WPC window door fram profile making machine/PVC ceiling board making machine
PVC/WPC window door fram profile extrusion line/extruder

PVC/WPC window door fram profile extrusion machine

PVC / WPC profile making machine for window and door profile,ceiling,wall panel,skirting….
PVC / WPC profile extrusion line mainly use PVC or UPVC or PVC+wood powder to extruder profile such as building partition, cabinet door panels, window sill, skirting board, door edgeline, door jamb, window shutters, photo frame, mirror frame, furniture edge banding, door frame, door pocket.
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