Wood plastic outdoor flooring is a kind of flooring with rapid market increment in recent years. Because of its peculiar texture luster and stable performance, it has been favored by many consumers, but the real understanding of wood-plastic flooring is still not much. Just say, when we buy, the right way to choose and buy, do you know?

1, to see the side of wood-plastic floor: good quality wpc decking side of the smooth, glossy shiny, a sense of oil-run, no small cracks. Poor quality of wood-plastic floor side of the rough, shiny dim, no oil-run feeling, and some poor elongation due to PE cracks.

2, look at the front of composite decking: good quality wood-plastic floor front smooth, glossy shiny, wood powder particles small and uniform size. Poor quality wood-plastic floor front rough, shiny dim, wood powder particles larger, different sizes, uneven distribution. Two kinds of floor put together, the difference is obvious.

3, look at the wood-plastic floor section: good quality wood-plastic floor section texture tight, shiny glossy, small and uniform distribution of wood powder particles. Poor quality of the wood-plastic floor section texture loose, shiny, wood powder particles larger, different sizes, uneven distribution, and obviously see the wood fiber.

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