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Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor Once upon a time, the seaside abandoned plastic bottles, animals can not digest the plastic bags, and life can be seen everywhere remind you to use paper bags or bags to buy food to reduce the use of plastic bags … … This series of images seem to say Plastic products to bring us very convenient at the same time also brought about the problem of environmental damage. However, plastic can also be environmentally friendly.

embossed deck floor

Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor is the domestic and international booming in recent years and gradually promote the use of a new environmentally friendly materials, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other resin or recycled waste plastics, and more than 50% Sawdust, rice husk, peanut shells, straw and other low-value plant fiber mixing, and then by extrusion, molding, injection molding and other processes to produce the plate, profiles or products.

3D embossing decking floor

The base of the plastic-wood composite is made of plastic and wood fibers, so it has some characteristics of plastic and wood:

Good strength properties: high surface hardness, good elastic modulus, with hardwood equivalent of compression, bending resistance and other mechanical properties, durability is significantly better than ordinary wood

Excellent physical properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, high corrosion resistance, easy to be insects, not long fungus, long service life

Good processing performance: with thermoplastic processing, easy to shape, can be made into any shape and size; secondary processing and wood processing is similar to the saw, can be nailed, can be shaved and nail holding force higher than the general timber

Easy to modify, by adding additives to change the density and strength of plastic wood materials to meet the anti-aging, anti-static, flame retardant and other special requirements

Anti-ultraviolet, good coloring, can be made into a variety of colorful products

Wide range of raw materials, recyclable plastic and low-cost fiber, turning waste into treasure, and recyclable

Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor also have the advantages of plastic and wood, covering wood and plastic applications, including building materials, doors and windows, deck, outdoor chairs, park benches, flower rack corridors … …. In addition, the plastic-wood composite process can be recycled plastic and low-cost wood fiber, thus solving the plastic, wood industry, the recycling of waste resources. According to statistics, the global production of Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor has more than 200 million tons, North America as the earliest and most mature plastic wood market, its consumption accounts for about 30% of the world.

The molding process of plastic wood mainly includes the crushing, cleaning, drying and granulation of plastic, the drying and processing of wood flour, the mixing of plastic and wood flour and the molding of the product. The earliest wood-plastic materials are bare wood-plastic mixtures, and in recent years, co-extruded all-coated plastic-like wood materials have been rapid development, the coating is engineering plastics, the internal wood fiber and plastic mixture, thereby enhancing the product Weatherability and abrasion resistance. The molding process can be divided into one-step extrusion and two-step extrusion. One-step extrusion or mixing process is completed step by step, and two-step method must first mix granulation, and then extrusion molding.

Wood powder, plastic and additives ratio is the plastic wood processing technology in the core technology, its quality will directly affect the product processing technology and product quality, generally will not transfer formula. Usually different equipment, product use is different, the formula will be different. Commonly used additives are lubricants, coupling agents, antioxidants, UV absorbers or stabilizers, fungicides, color masterbatch and some inorganic fillers.

The demand for wood flour is not strict, all kinds of wood flour and plant fiber can be used. Wood powder particle size is generally 20 to 100 mesh, water content control in less than 3%. If you use the exhaust function of the extruder, especially the twin-screw extrusion processing of plastic materials, you can not special drying of wood flour, only in the sun can be natural dry.

Plastic Composite WPC Deck Floor machinery is equipped with feeding equipment, drying equipment and extrusion equipment, as well as some necessary downstream equipment such as cooling water tanks, traction equipment and cutting equipment. Wood flour fluffy structure, prone to bridge and pole phenomenon, usually forced to use a device to ensure stable extrusion. Extrusion equipment from the earliest single-screw extruder to the development of conical twin-screw extruder, and then to the same parallel twin-screw extruder preliminary granulation + conical twin-screw extrusion molding to make up for difficult plastic, Poor resistance to aging, poor creep resistance, poor color consistency and durability, improved tensile strength and so on.


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Published on: Dec 2, 2017 12:51