composite wood panel

Composite wood panel company for Composite wood flooring and cladding

Technics:Wood-Plastic Composite

Natural look,recycled,waterproof,UV-resistant,durable

Length:2.2m,2.9m,or customized

Application:Outdoor decking floor,wall panel.railing,fence,




Composite Wood  Panel commonly used Plastics and Wood flour by Extrusion at High temperature.A lot of companies now operate composite flooring and  wall cladding for Outdoor.

Composite wood is also called ECO wood, wood plastic composite board or WPC board.

It is the first choice for outdoor building materials (flooring, railings, stool chairs, pavilions, flower racks, integrated houses, etc.) due to its waterproof, anticorrosion and mildew resistance as well as the texture of wood.

composite wood panel

Advantages of composite wood Panels ( composite wood flooring and Wall cladding)

1:Salt and chlorine water resistant: WPC planks can be used excellently next to pools as they are insensitive to salt and chlorine water.

2:Non-slip and Waterproof: This is a very important advantage which allows the protection of your kids from slipping while walking or running around the pool.

3: Long life: WPC planks are meant to live for a long period of time. They can be kept for more than 25 years. On the other hand, larch wood can live for 10 to 15 years only. With WPC decking you can enjoy your outdoor space for a longer period of time.

4: Easy to clean and require little maintenance: They are very easy to take care of. You will just have to clean them once or twice a year.

5: Resistant to insects, fungi, and algae: Special additives protect WPC planks from insects, fungi and algae. This feature adds to the long life of the planks.

composite wood board

Wood plastic composite or WPC, is an amalgamation of  plastic, wood flour and some additives, mixed together and then extruded or molded to a shape. The material can be formed into both solid and hollow profiles; and while in hollow it can be different shapes of hollow e.g., cubical, cylindrical etc., depending on the design and aesthetic requirements. Today, WPC decking is a popular choice for flooring material, all because of its inherent characteristics of natural wood aesthetics combined with the tenacity to endure harsh outdoor conditions. WPC combines the properties of wood and plastic offering a highly durable and strong material. This results in a lifespan, unusual for natural wood, even with regular maintenance. It is the world’s latest alternative choice of construction material.

wood panel

50X50 composite wood tube

The Hanming WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE outdoor decking/flooring/board is made of

= 55% wood fiber (Professionally treated dry wood fiber)

= 35% HDPE (Grade A Recycled HDPE)

= 10% chemical additives like Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers,  colorants,  anti fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants…etc.

composite wood flooring

Installation of  Composite wood flooring :


Electric drill is a must for drilling holes to screw in both the WPC keels & the decking. WPC material does not 

allow direct screwing by hammer or other heavy tools; Otherwise it might be broken by heavy attack. Standard

 wood working tools maybe used to cut the board or keels.

First step:Fix the WPC keels/joists

Arrange the WPC keels on the concrete floor on line with a suggested average gap 30cm between each other.

 Drill holes on the keel by using an electric drill, and then fix the keels to the concrete floor with inflation nails.

Second step:Fix the wpc decking to the keels

Use an electric-drill to drill holes on the external side of the first wpc decking, then screw  in stainless nail to fix

 the wpc decking to the keels. One after another wpc decking board, the installation will be finished.

Hanming outdoor wall cladding can be a perfect decoration to make the concrete building embody a natural and perfect appearance. According to diffenrent market demands, more cladding designs and colors are available. Due to tha advanced performance, such as UV-resistance, long duration, stable mechanical properties, heat insulationand easy installation, MexyTech outdoor cladding have been applied in many applications and have got great reputation from our clients. 

WPC wall Cladding

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