Balcony is the extension of indoor space, but also the transition between indoor and outdoor, with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people’s design requirements for home more and more detailed, balcony decoration has gradually become the interior decoration can not be ignored part. In reinforced concrete buildings, the closest space to nature is the balcony. In the past, people equated the balcony with the sundry room and clothes room; after the balcony was closed, it became a small room again. With the improvement of people’s economy and living environment, the renovation of balcony makes it really become a special space for people to contact the sun, breathe nature and enjoy life. Plastic wood composite in recent years Materials used in balcony design, greatly improve the balcony comfort, beauty and durability, has been widely recognized by the community, for the balcony design a new inspiration.

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The use of WPC materials as decorative materials for balconies, the first consideration is its weather resistance. After special treatment, the wood plastic material can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation, wind and rain, and is not easy to deform and fade, which makes the balcony maintain good service life and beauty even under changing weather conditions.

The moisture-proof and mildew proof properties of wood-plastic materials are very suitable for the semi-outdoor environment of balconies. Traditional wood materials are prone to mold and rot in a humid environment, and wood-plastic materials can effectively avoid this problem, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, and save a lot of later maintenance costs for the family.

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WPC balcony decking, not only better waterproof performance, moisture-proof performance is also better. This will also be a good solution to the traditional wood products encountered water after the perishable question. The color of plastic wood floor is more, it has the texture and texture of natural wood, at the same time, we can also customize the favorite color according to our own preferences. In addition, plastic wood floor is a pollution-free, pollution-free floor, it does not contain benzene in the middle, and the content of formaldehyde is only 0.2. Fire protection level reached B1 level, after the fire encountered, it can be automatically extinguished. And does not produce harmful gases . The installation of plastic wood flooring is relatively simple, there is no special and complicated construction technology. this can also help us save installation time and cost. is not required special maintenance and maintenance, while cleaning up is more convenient.

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WPC surface rich color, natural smooth sense of wood, durable and not fade, simple and heavy, express the rhythm of life and pleasing to the eye aesthetic, full of vitality and romantic sense of design. Is not comparable to ordinary wood and other composite materials. With the improvement of people’s living environment, the construction of courtyard terrace / balcony and so on has become fashionable. And to have a private balcony belonging to their own, to give themselves a imaginative free space, but also modern people yearning for life and pursuit.

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Why does the  ground material of the balcony not use anticorrosive wood ?

Anticorrosive wood is a common material in outdoor facilities in China. It combines common materials with chemical preservatives to make it have the characteristics of anticorrosion, moisture-proof and insect-proof,This is also the material that many families will choose when decorating balcony at present. But the appearance texture and color of anticorrosive wood are relatively single, mainly log color, no new ideas, if other bright colors need to be painted separately. But anticorrosive wood outer paint is easy to peel off, need to be renovated and brushed again and again, which also increases the cost of later repair and maintenance to consumers, low cost-performance.

WPC materials are used for the Balcony

The plasticity of wpc materials is strong, and different specifications of materials can be customized according to the space size and shape of the balcony to meet the needs of personalized design. Whether it is a simple modern style, or a warm pastoral style, wood plastic materials can be perfectly matched through different colors and textures.

In China, many customers feel that the old ceramic tiles on their terraces are too cold and hope to transform their terraces to create a warm and stylish leisure living space.According to customer requirements, we recommend the popular WPC decking models and colors to customers. The keels Can be made of anti-corrosion and durable hot-dip galvanized or WPC keels, which make the structure more stable and have a longer service life.The completed terrace has  new look and feels more comfortable,Coupled with green plants and leisure tables , the original casual and natural style emerges, half courtyard and half wilderness.