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  • WPC decking Spain |Spain composite decking from China

    WPC decking Spain |Spain composite decking from China

    Spain is a developed capitalist country and a member of the European Union and NATO.Until December 2019, it is the fifth-largest economy in the euro zone, and Spanish clients also do business in France, Argentina, Germany, Chile, Switzerland and Mexico. Many outdoor projects in Spain are using WPC Materials, it is made of wood plastic composite.The Spanish market generally accepts the appearance of wood texture effect,Some Clients from Madrid,Barcelona ,Valencia import the compsoite decking from China and resell them in their markets. The current situation of WPC decking in China,China has a lot of manufacturers that can produce high-quality WPC Decking, they can provide composite Decking,but aslo WPC wall cladding, Fencing, flower box, Pergola, Railing,etc. cheap wpc decking spain – WPC Decking Board Wood plastic decking is one kind of  floors, It is different from the traditional floor products, fashion and delicate modeling,It has Become the very important material that many families make outdoor , the market demand is obvious, as people’s living conditions improve, more and more people buy. Our Spain  Customer Named Jack ,who has been cooperated with us  about 3 years. He already did the WPC  business  over 6 years before cooperating with us. He imported the […]

  • What determines the life of a plastic wood material |How to select the right supplier

    What determines the life of a plastic wood material |How to select the right supplier

    We can see the figure of plastic wood materials in some villa courtyards, or terraces, including some public places. It can be said that such materials are still applied in various places due to their certain.The life span of plastic wood material is generally in 15 years or so, the cost performance is quite high.What determines the life of  plastic wood material? First, whether it can be laid and used correctly. It is important to know plastic wood material is to be taken into account at present, it is important to know whether such material can be laid and used correctly, which is very important. If it is not used in the right way, it will lead to a lot of problems in use, which will affect the life of the material. Second,The quality and characteristics of plastic wood material itself. In addition to the need to pay attention to the correct use of plastic wood materials, there is also the quality of plastic wood materials themselves, characteristics are very important, generally in the purchase, it is best to buy good quality plastic wood materials, so as to ensure the use of materials. Thire,Whether can do the corresponding maintenance and […]

  • WPC materials are used for  the Balcony

    WPC materials are used for the Balcony

    Balcony is the extension of indoor space, but also the transition between indoor and outdoor, with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people’s design requirements for home more and more detailed, balcony decoration has gradually become the interior decoration can not be ignored part. In reinforced concrete buildings, the closest space to nature is the balcony. In the past, people equated the balcony with the sundry room and clothes room; after the balcony was closed, it became a small room again. With the improvement of people’s economy and living environment, the renovation of balcony makes it really become a special space for people to contact the sun, breathe nature and enjoy life. Plastic wood composite in recent years Materials used in balcony design, greatly improve the balcony comfort, beauty and durability, has been widely recognized by the community, for the balcony design a new inspiration. Balcony ceiling refers to the top decoration of the balcony. Is refers to the balcony ceiling decoration, is one of the important parts of balcony decoration. No matter what kind of material choice balcony ceiling material, should pay attention to moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-cracking. Balcony ceiling more basic function is moisture-proof, insulation. For balcony […]

  • It is Safe to import WPC decking from China During the coronavirus time

    It is Safe to import WPC decking from China During the coronavirus time

    Dear All Customers : We are celebrating the most important traditional festival- the Chinese New Year, but there is a new coronavirus epidemic. After the outbreak, the Chinese government attached great importance to sending a group of experts to the core disaster areas at the first time to identify the pathogens as quickly as possible. In order to further control the epidemic and win the battle of the virus as soon as possible, the Chinese government asked various enterprises to extend the Chinese New Year holiday, so according to the Zhejiang and Huzhou municipal governments, as well as the company’s request, the company decided to extend the New Year holiday until February 10. Such a measure would significantly reduce the risk of movement; it would also facilitate self-segregation and observation and would be important for the control of the epidemic. During the period if you have any questions, you can keep in touch with the relevant business manager at any time. Some customers will ask: in the epidemic period if imported  your WPC decking from China ? is it safe, is the product carrying coronavirus? Here I would like to usd WHO’s words : Is it safe to receive A […]

  • Why choose WPC composite decking ? You need know these information

    Why choose WPC composite decking ? You need know these information

    Advantages of  WPC decking . How do we Produce Composite decking ? What problems should be paid attention to when installing composite decking? How About the prospect of WPC decking industry?