China wood polymer composite decking

HM 146X31mm Gallery road WPC decking & seven trust wpc decking

  • Type: Engineered Flooring
  • Price: 16usd/sqn-22usd/sqm
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Hanming WPC
  • Model Number: 146X31mm Hollow
  • Technics: Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring
  • Color: Red,coffee,yellow,grey,black,Brown
  • Certificates: SGS,CE,ISO,FSC
  • Surface: Sanding
  • Usage: Engineer Project
  • Material: Wood + HDPE +Additives
  • Product name: WPC Gallery road decking

The development of plank road tourism is a special tourism resource development. It is necessary to adhere to the correct resource development and know the thoughts, and adhere to the basic principles of characteristic development, system development, product development and market promotion, and reasonable pricing of products. What material should be selected for the scenic road path?

Nowadays, the scenic area chooses WPC deck decoration plank road. Wood-plastic floor is a new environmentally-friendly wood-plastic composite material. The wood phenol produced in the process of producing medium and high-density fiberboard is added into recycled plastic and made into granulated equipment. The plastic composite material is then extruded into a production group to form a wood-plastic floor.

Hanming WPC Is A professional company in this field,It mainly provide wood-plastic flower boxes, road guardrail flower boxes, Solid  composite decking, park chairs, composite wood material, garbage cans, fence ,Interlocking composite decking tiles,gazebos, wooden houses and other garden facilities and landscape facilities

Gallery road wpc deck

 Gallery road wpc deck

1. What Are The Main Advantages Of WPC products?

A: 1) First of all, the wood plastic materials are 100% recyclable;

     2) it is long-lasting, stable for the outdoor conditions, like sun exposure, rain, temperature ariations etc;

    3) it requires low maintenance; etc.

2. What is the regular proportion between the accesories and decking?

A:  Keel with decking:3-4:1

     End cover with decking: 1:1

     T-clip with decking: 20-25:1

3. Why the keel is neceary for the intallation?

A:  When we install the flooring, firstly the keels are fixed in the ground surface with the T-clip and then we put the solid decking board on the keels. You know the wpc decking board can’t be put on the ground surface directly. For one thing, it can affect of the planeness of the flooring surface after installation. For the other thing, it is not good to control the drainage of the bottom, because the wpc decking board is mainly used for outdoor, which rains a lot. So keels must be used to hold the solid decking board when installed.

4. What the distance between two pieces of keel?

A:  About 30cm.

5. If there is one piece of the decking board broken, do we need to remove all the decking board to repair it?

A:  No. If replce the broken decking, you need to break the clips of both sides of the broken decking and then take the broken decking out, it’s easy.

6. What’s the regualr cleaning product for the wpc decking?

A:  The soapy water  or some of oiled paint is ok for the wpc decking.

traditional Wood Texture is easy to be disappeared after it is installed ,But this wood Grain can avoid that Problem,and Price is cheaper than Co-extrusion WPC.

HM 146X31mm wood plastic composite decking board 


seven trust wpc decking in China

Our wood-plastic flooring is currently widely used in: landscape, outdoor flooring, outdoor tables and chairs, flower beds , fences, railings, pavilions, wooden houses, wall board series buildings and other fields.146X31mm is one of most popular sizes.

When planning your floor, Hanming  offers a full range of rich colors-making your design truly unlimited. Mix and match colors to create all your own unique patterns and color combinations.

Thanks to the unique extrusion process, the colors are truly uniform and consistent. Year after year, it still looks excellent. You don’t need to spend the time to stain or repair it.Compared with the traditional wood-plastic materials, Hanming composite wood is: truly natural, kind, do not need to paint,  will not rot or be bitten by termites, easy to install. The enjoyment of the HM flooring is truly unlimited.

UV protection additives to reduce the effects of harmful fading originating from the sun.UV-containing inhibitors combined with frosted surfaces to minimize the color difference between the new and weathered Hanming WPC floors.

As an outdoor living space to enjoy leisure time, the outdoor deck is usually used during the day. All the outdoor activities need to be done in the sun, and when the sun sets, the outdoor deck still makes your life easier and more comfortable. And enjoy the great outdoors during the day and at night.

Watch the stars on the WPC deck at night and drop your air mattress on your composite deck and unfold your sleeping bag. You can get all the lovely sounds of nature, the fresh, cool night sky.and Your compound terrace can serve as a host for good time with friends and family. Catch up with your friends on your patio and laugh heartily. Using the outdoors as the background, only need minimal layout, decoration and even furniture to spend a wonderful night. Order a pizza or have a dinner party to make sure you are part of the fun without being stuck in the kitchen.

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