project of WPC decking in UK

Britain WPC decking from China | UK Composite decking Boards

Price : 15usd Per sqm —32USD per sqm 

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Hanming WPC

Model Number: Hollow and Solid

Technics: Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring

Color: Red,coffee,yellow,grey,black,Brown

Certificates: SGS,CE,ISO,FSC

Surface: Sanding

Material: Wood + HDPE +Additives

Product name: WPC decking

Britain is a Western European island composed of England, Wales and Scotland , as well as Northern Ireland in the northeast of Ireland, as well as a series of affiliated islands. The total population is more than 66 million, of which the English are the main people.

In Britain, wood-plastic composite decking are already very popular. outdoor wpc decking can be found everywhere in parks, swimming pools, balcony and other places. This kind of floor is called WPC decking or composite lumber.A lot of composite deckings usually come from suppliers in China.

There are three micro-States in the Persian Gulf: Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. In the colonial era, all three countries belonged to the British sphere of influence.Bahrain is an island country with an area of 780 square kilometers, about 1/14 of Qatar,it is the smallest country in the Persian Gulf.

DECK built in the UK usually like the Follow Picture:

UK WPC deck

What are the famous composite decking brands in the UK? As far as we know, duracomposite,timertech is more famous.But their prices are not cheap.

Why should British dealers import goods from Chinese suppliers?

Except for the low price and the good quality.The diversified products manufactured by Chinese suppliers can meet the demand of the UK market. Like Capped composite decking, 3D Embossing WPC boards, embossed Fence,wall panel,etc,These diversified products are easier to be found in China, and the technology has passed the standard.

UK deck board made of wpc

Some British customers have already bought wood-plastic composite decking from us:

Mr. Peter is general manger in one construction company in London. He always uses wood materials for outdoor flooring.last year, he visited our website and made some enquiry.After we told him the advantages of the WPC decking, he was very interested in this kind of decking, Mr Peter Ask the samples from us and Show them to his Customers in London,His clients were satisfied with these samples and confirmed orders, which bring him big business opportunities in UK. He can confirm  Some containers for one Year. He is also developing other Composite products, like composite Fencing, 3D embossing decking,etc.And we became a good partner.

project of WPC decking in UK

Before building the deck, the keel should be laid first, and the steel keel, WPC joist or wooden keel can be selected for the use of keel. Let’s see how our British customers lay keels before install the composite decking.

Next, let’s talk briefly about how to install the composite decking in UK:

please know the guidance may not cover every installation scenario envisaged. Since each installation is unique;  the actual installation and its actual performance are the sole responsibility of the installer.

Hanming recommends that all designs be reviewed by a licensed architect, or engineer before installation.

Installation procedure

1,Fixed WPC keel:WPC keel or Steel Keel evenly arranged on the cement floor,we recommend the space between joists is L=300-350mm(Middle to Middle). Using electric drill to lead hole on keel, then screw into drill hole, fix keel on cement ground, nail head should be rotated into keel, do not expose outside, otherwise the floor layout may be uneven.

The space between joist “L” also can according to the request to adjust. if popular Places with many tourists (Place of interests,etc.) The distance should be less than 250mm.

2-Fixation of WPC keel—Expansion screw can help to fix the joist/keel into the concrete floor.

The fixation of wood plastic keel is to use expansion screws  to fix the wood plastic keel directly above the ground,
The distance between the fixed points of plastic expansion screw is 500mm~600mm,Require the screw cap to be lower than the wood plastic keel surface,When wood plastic keel is fixed, need to do whole flat

install wpc joist

Install wpc joist

install WPC floor


Note:Please Pre-drill before assembling joist,if not,The Product maybe damaged very easily.

1-WPC product will slightly expands after heating.When Hanming WPC products in the assembly,Pls leave 3-5mm spaces from the building. 
2-when two joists meet, pls leave About 10mm space between them.



3,Fixed the first floor:When paving the first floor, you can use an electric drill to make holes on the Side edge

of the floor, then fix it to the keel by stainless steel screws. or Using A  SS start clip fix into the joist first,then put the first floor edge into it.

first floor installation

First floor installation

ss start clip

SS start clip

4,After finish assembling the first decking,put the Plastic or Stainless Steel clip insert the decking slot,use the rubber hammer tap on the decking,in order to ensure the space even .then use the cross screwdriver to fix the clip,complete the installation of all the decking one by one.

Installation method of wpc decking

Note: 1. Due to the high density of wood-plastic material itself, it is necessary to use the drill hole at the position of the self-tapping screw, and then tighten the self-tapping screw           

Drill a hole–wood plastic composite installation guide   

drill a hole for WPC

Fix the wpc decking clips

5: The Last PC decking aslo do it like step 3, you can use an electric drill to make holes on the Side edge

of the floor, then fix it to the keel by stainless steel screws. Then you USE L Shape WPC edge cover or flat fascia board to cover the edges.

In UK, ASA capped decking is  very popular now, it is a new generation of outdoor green new material In line with the life characteristics and aesthetic needs of modern people, ASA can squeeze in a variety of natural environments, It has a strong tolerance and ultraviolet resistance, the product has the characteristics of no fading, maintenance free.ASA Capped decking is Rich in color, the service life is 5~10 times than other similar outdoor products.

If you also want to import WPC from China in UK, you might as well contact us first. We will give you a certain discount for some specifications.

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