In the current globalized business environment, import and export trade have become an important means for enterprises to expand their markets and increase their profits. Especially for WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), a material widely used in construction, decoration, furniture and other industries, how to import it from China, the world’s largest WPC production base, and sell it in the local market is a question for many entrepreneurs. issue concerned.

China’s wood-plastic composite decking can be exported to other countries. Many Clients from Philippines, Australia, and the United Kingdom import WPC from China and do wholesale composite decking business in their countries, and the profits are very good.When importing composite decking from China, it is best to understand the popular decking sizes and preferred colors in the country, as well as the length used.The wholesale of composite decking needs to add sea freight and customs duties.

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You need to clarify the import process. Generally speaking, importing WPC requires the following steps: finding suppliers, signing contracts, paying for goods, completing relevant procedures, transporting goods, customs clearance, picking up goods, etc. In this process, You need to pay attention to choosing suppliers with good reputation to ensure the quality of WPC and the stability of supply. At the same time,You also need to understand the relevant import policies and taxes in order to plan costs reasonably.


Wood plastic composite products supplier post their product pictures on the Internet, you can be more intuitive to see what you want to buy. And the composite material supplier can give you the real cheapest composite products. Because they save the storefront rent! When you compare the price of composite decking with wood decking, you should keep in mind that composite decking requires very low maintenance. Read best composite decking material reviews to help you understand how paying a higher initial price can help save you money down the road.

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Composite decking from China 

In China, we wholesale high-quality wood-plastic composite decking to foreign customers through the Internet, customers can send us inquiries through the website, we will arrange to send samples, which will greatly shorten the time for customers to buy products.For price issues of concern to customers, we provide quotations and price lists of all accessories.

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140X25mm wholesale hollow composite decking

Composite decking is one of Best outdoor flooring now,   composite decking needs far less maintenance than traditional wood decking which means you can spend less time up keeping your space and more time enjoying your garden.  It is Low Maintenance Affordable Composite Decking.

Before importing WPC, customers need to pay attention to the needs of the local market. Different markets may have different demands for WPC, and we need to select suitable product types and specifications based on the specific conditions of the local market.

Importing WPC from China and selling it in the local market requires you to work hard on understanding the characteristics of WPC, being familiar with the import process, paying attention to market demand, and providing quality services. Only in this way can we take the lead in the fierce market competition and achieve sustained business growth.

How to choose wpc supplier in China


Wood-plastic industry clusters are concentrated in Zhejiang, Anhui, jiangsu, and Guangdong provinces in China.

Samples and Testing

Request samples of their wood-plastic (WPC) products to inspect their quality, durability, and consistency. You may also consider conducting third-party testing to verify the product’s compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Including but not limited to Slipperiness, Falling mass impact resistance, Flexural properties, Swelling and water absorption, etc.

Pricing and Terms

Evaluate the pricing on wpc products offered by different wood-plastic suppliers and compare them based on product quality and other factors. Consider the payment terms, lead times, and any additional services provided.

Regarding price, in the past, there was a stereotype that Chinese products were always inexpensive. However, over the course of several decades, China has gradually moved away from the vicious cycle of price competition and shifted its focus to quality and branding. Chinese wood-plastic suppliers have elevated their quality standards and strictly adhere to international certifications and testing standards.

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How to make the length of wholesale wood plastic decking? The customers order the wood plastic deckings from us, the length is decided by the customer himself, it will generally be 2.2 m, 2.9 m, 3 m, 4 m, 5.4 m and 5.8 m.we packaged them with wooden Pallets or plastic film.

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In China, there are also people who wholesale wood-plastic floors on Amazon or Aliexpress, Others will be sold on tiktok.At present, the market price of wood plastic Products in China differs greatly because of the different formula, craft,  Therefore, the products have their own characteristics from different Manufacturer.Generally speaking, if economic condition is better, choose solid WPC floor will be better;If the budget is limited, use suitable Sizes of hollow decking for the Places.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, some wood plastic manufacturers in other countries have been forced to stop work. Although the overall market demand has been reduced, Chinese manufacturers are still very busy, and many customers purchasing from other countries have also transferred to China, which also highlights the advantages of wood plastic in China.

 Published on: Oct 2, 2016 00:42