140X40 Solid wpc deck

140X40mm Solid WPC decking for waterborne platform


Brand: Hanming WPC

Composition:55% Bamboo Powder/Wood Fiber, 35% HDPE, 10% Additives

Color:Black, Cedar, Coffee, Dark Grey, Silver Grey, Yellow, Red and Wood, or customized

Size:140X40mm, 150X25mm, 145X30mm, 140X25mm, or customized

Length:2200mm, 2900mm, or customized

140x40mm is a size of WPC, 140mm is the width, 40mm is the thickness, the length can generally use 2.2m, 2.9m, 3m, 4m, 140X40mm solid board is used more, the solid board of this thickness can bear considerable weight, Therefore, it can be used on floors with large traffic, parking lots, and bridge flooring.In China, some waterborne platform projects also use this specification.140X40mm uses a lot of Raw materials, so the price is generally more than 30 US dollars per square meter. For outdoor projects, using this specification requires sufficient budget.

This wood plastic solid decking floor, also known as WPC solid flooring , It is used for outdoor  projects, Our 140X40mm Solid size, Weight : 7.07KGS Per meter, One side with many grooves, and another side is Smooth.

140x40mm Solid waterborne platform Wood Plastic floor 

if u need 140X40mm WPC hollow Decking , we aslo can Provide u .


140X40mm Hollow waterborne platform  Wood Plastic floor

Specifications: 140 x 40mm, solid, One side without grooves, the surface can be polished and embossed with wood grain;Application: road plank,  open-air leisure, sports venues, near water landscapes and other places ;

WPC Solid Joist for wood plastic composite deck

The wood Plastic floor is Produced by extruder.

Eco wood is a floor made of wood-plastic composite material. It is mostly used in gardens, villas and outdoors. However, many people do not understand how to install them. What are the steps for installing wood plastic flooring? What are the precautions for the installation of ECO wood?

First, the preparation of the plastic wood floor installation

1. From the professional point of view of installing the floor, before starting the installation work, it is necessary to keep the ECO wood dry, smooth and clean, so as to ensure the smooth follow-up installation work.

2.Ready to install tool drill, ordinary woodworking tools, labor gloves, stainless steel screws, etc., which is an essential tool for installing plastic wood flooring. The plastic wood floor is brittle. When fixing the floor and the keel, it is necessary to use the electric drill to guide the hole and then install the screw to avoid damage to the plastic wood floor.

Second, the plastic wood floor installation steps

1, fixed plastic wood keel

The uniform arrangement of the plastic wood keels is laid on the concrete floor. It is recommended that each of the ridges be spaced 30 cm apart. Use an electric drill to guide the hole in the keel. The diameter of the pilot hole should not be smaller than the diameter of the screw. Then screw the screw into the drilled hole and fix the keel on the concrete floor. The nail head should be screwed into the keel. Do not expose it to the outside. Otherwise, the floor may be caused. The layout is not flat.

2, fix the first floor

There are male and female grooves on the left and right sides of each plastic wood floor. When paving the first floor, you can use a woodworking tool to saw off or grind the sun groove on the outside of the first floor. Then use the electric drill hole on the surface of the floor to open the screw and fix it on the keel. .

3. Fix the second floor

The male groove of the second plastic wood floor is clamped to the female groove of the first floor, and then the pilot hole is drilled on the side surface of the second floor of the second floor, and the screw is screwed to fix it on the keel, and the screw spacing can be During the installation process, the construction personnel should control it by themselves, not too dense, and it can be secured. The installation of the plastic wood floor in the back is the same as before, so there is no need to explain more.

WPC floor installation notes:

First, plastic wood can be cut, sawed, drilled, and opened with ordinary woodworking machinery.

Second, use the expansion tube to fix the plastic wood keel on the floor. The fixed point of the expansion tube is 500mm-600mm. The screw cap is lower than the surface of the wooden keel. The wooden keel needs to be flat.

Third, between the plastic wood and the plastic wood can be fastened with self-tapping screws, stainless steel self-tapping screws are recommended for outdoor use; self-drilling self-tapping screws are used for plastic wood and steel plates.

4. When using self-tapping screws between plastic wood and plastic wood, the pilot hole should be used first, that is, pre-drilled. The diameter of the pre-drilled hole should be less than 3/4 of the diameter of the screw.

5. When installing the outdoor floor, use a screw between the plastic wood profile and each keel.

6. The junction of the plastic wood floor and the keel is connected with the keel by a plastic buckle.

WPC floor installation method steps Plastic wood floor installation precautions

The above is the introduction of the steps of the installation method of the plastic wood floor and the precautions for the installation of the plastic wood floor. The content is for reference only, I hope to have some help for everyone.

Solid china decking

The Price of 140X40mm Solid composite decking is about 44 USD Per sqm, Hanming WPC has 3 Molds for this Size, and 8 Colors in options, 140X40mm Solid board has stronger bearing capacity than hollow items, At the same time, the weight of the board itself is relatively heavy, One 20′ Container can only loading about 500Square meters, The surface of solid wood plastic floor usually has wood Texture or Small grooves, The natural wooden feeling is very popular by the garden scenic spot, garden hotel, villa club and other project parties

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