Hollow composite decking board

how to correctly purchase wpc composite decking online from china



Long lasting wood grain effect

Very low maintenance.

No fading, splitting, warping or rotting.

Combines the durability of recycled plastic and the strength of wood.

Environmentally friendly using waste wood fibres and recycled plastic bottles.

Looks and feels like wood.

Many foreign businessmen like to import goods from China very much,Because Chinese manufacturing quality is good, and the service attitude is also better, So they often find the right supplier.Online shopping will be a trend in the future,All you need is a computer to buy your favorite goods, and of course wood and plastic products are no exception,It is also quite common to buy wood plastic products online in foreign countries.

Hollow composite decking board

China is the worlds leading manufacturer of WPC decking. more than 70% are located in the provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang,Jiangsu and Anhui.Hanming Company is In Zhejiang Province, However, this figure is not including Chinese suppliers that are exclusively manufacturing for the domestic market.

When you buy wood-plastic floors, you need to know whether you need hollow composite decking or solid decking. generally speaking, solid composite boards are stronger, and hollow decking  are mostly used in places where people walk.

Hollow and Solid composite decking

deck china

About prices of Composite decking boards from China :

When buying wood plastic floors or other wood plastic products online, the price is usually also a matter for buyers.Composite decking  can be manufactured according to a wide range of standards and specifications. Product dimensions and surface treatments all have a  impact on the product price. However, the most important factor is the material composition.

The Raw material formula from Hanming is :35% High density PE+55% Wood Power + 10% Additives

The traditional decking price is between 15-33USD Per sqm, The price of a solid decking  is much higher than that of a hollow decking.In recent years, the appearance of 3D embossing Surface and coextruded capped composite decking,The performance and style of wood-plastic floor have been greatly improved. Therefore, the prices of these two types of products are relatively high which are usually Above 20USD Per sqm.

cappd decking china

Capped Composite decking board 

3D embossed composite decking

3D embossed composite decking

when the wood-plastic composite decking  or other wood-plastic products are purchased online,

Usually, the supplier also provides all the accessories,like WPC Joist, Edge Cover, Plastic Clips,stainless steel Screws,Etc.This can ask the supplier to calculate the quantity of each accessory according to the custom quantity of the decking board.

In addition, you can ask the supplier to provide a sample before placing an order by DHL/fedex.

when Place the Order to the Supplier ,tell the supplier what color you need.

terrace composite decking

Finally, when the goods are packaging , the Package Way can also ensure the safety of the transportation of the goods. Hanming Usually use Wooden Pallet or plastic package & brown paper Packaging.

Importing WPC Decking & Flooring from China

Before purchasing wood plastic materials online, you can ask the supplier about the HS CODE of the products you buy, so that you can ask the local customs about the tariff rate of these products first, so as to better calculate the cost.At the same time you can ask the  forwarder about ocean freight and shipping time on the Sea.

Some Customers  like to buy online from Amazon or Ali Express,However, on these platforms, we found that there were fewer WPC vendors and WPC information,This gives the customer fewer choices,Personally, we Suggest clients  find excellent suppliers from Google.

Hanming Aslo Provide the WPC Railing , Composite wood Panels, WPC pergola, WPC bench ,Flower Pot, WPC wall cladding , WPC decorative board,ETC.

if you are interested in Our Composite Products, Send your enquiry to Admin@hanmingwpc.com 


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