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What are the advantages of Bamboo decking ?

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1.  Made of recycled plastic (HDPE) and wood or bamboo powder, plus non-hazardous chemical additives such as anti-UV agent, light stabilizer, lurbicant, culping agent and etc.

2. Eco friendly to nature

3. Waterproof, fire retardant, UV resistant, Anti-slip, maintenance free, long life span

4. Profiles adjustable, lengths adjustable, colors adjustable, surface treatment adjustable

5. Easy intallation and cost efficiency

What are the advantages of bamboo flooring?

1. The advantages of bamboo flooring

(1) warm in winter and cool in summer: the biggest advantage of bamboo floor is its characteristic of warm winter and cool summer. It can automatically adjust and maintain the temperature. The bamboo floor itself does not produce cool air or emit hot air, and its thermal conductivity is relatively low. Living in a room with bamboo floors for long periods of time reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism and heart disease.

(2) Green environmental protection: the bamboo floor is made of bamboo, which has the advantages of high density and high strength. It is a kind of green building material, which is relatively strong and durable, and will not be easily deformed.

(3) noise reduction: bamboo wood itself has the properties of sound absorption, sound insulation and sound pressure reduction, so bamboo flooring can also play a certain role in reducing noise.

(4) strong fungicidal and mothproof properties: compared with other types of flooring, bamboo flooring has better anti-moldy and mothproof properties, and it also has the characteristics of flame retardant, anti-static, no side effects and so on.

(5) fresh and natural: bamboo flooring will not have peculiar smell after installation, bamboo is not only elegant in color, but also beautiful in texture, which will give off a natural fragrance, soft and warm, which is helpful to the body’s physical and mental health.

(6) good stability: bamboo flooring will be controlled by different moisture content according to the climate and humidity of each area. Therefore, whether it is the southern or northern cities after the installation of bamboo flooring good maintenance, generally will not easily crack deformation, in addition to its stability also reflected in the tensile force and pressure and other aspects.

(7) maintenance is simple: bamboo floor cleanness and maintenance in peacetime life is also relatively simple a little, commonly only need to use wet cloth or twist dry mop to carry on wiping test, when appropriate carry on wax can.

Bamboo decking

With people’s pursuit of higher quality of life, home decoration materials have become more and more diverse, before many decoration materials have irreplaceable advantages. Plastic wood flooring is very common in our lives, plastic wood flooring has the advantages of other materials do not have, so there are many families in Plastic wood floors will be chosen when decorating.

1. Plastic wood flooring has a good moisture-proof and waterproof effect, because the changing weather can easily cause the floor to be filled with water everywhere, but the plastic wood flooring can solve the deformation problem of the boards after the damp.

2, the plastic wood floor and other unknown compared to the other, there is a very big advantage that is the ability to prevent termites. No termites in the plank can prolong the life span and feel warm when you step barefoot on the top of your foot.

The WPC decking is better-looking than the ordinary porcelain tile. The color is very diverse and its quality is very good. Customers can also according to their own home decoration style to customize the style needed. And plastic wood floor is also very personality, the family are covered with plastic wood floor after very good-looking.

4. The safety of plastic wood flooring is also very strong, because plastic-wood flooring has better protective effect. There is flame retardant in the plastic wood floor, if the floor fire grade reaches b1, and does not produce the gas which has the influence on the body when burning.

Plastic wood flooring is currently used more decoration materials, if there are children in the home, the best choice is to use plastic wood flooring. There are no irritating chemicals in the floor and good flame retardancy, whether from a safe point of view or from the perspective of decoration personality, the choice of wood flooring is very good.

Now many people are more cautious in choosing floor materials, because the floor laying area is relatively large, and after the completion of the plank laying, it also has a great impact on the overall decorative effect of the interior. If the floor materials are not selected properly, Also will cause a lot of inconvenience to people’s life, so now many families in decoration, will choose plastic wood flooring. This kind of material is very different from the common floor material used by people, although it is difficult to see the difference in appearance, but the plastic wood material can achieve better application effect.

Comparing the difference between composite lumber and ordinary wood flooring, it can be found that plastic wood materials are more suitable for modern household installation. First of all, in terms of environmental tolerance, the genehttp://www.cxhanming.com/product/china-anti-uv-composite-lumber-for-outdoor-use/ral wood flooring needs to add some anticorrosion measures in the process of processing, so that after the plate is installed, the stability can be enhanced, but this will cause pollution to the environment. It is also harmful to people’s health, but the selection of wood-based materials will not cause such problems, because the plastic-wood materials need to go through a high-temperature molding process in the process of processing. The plate made in this way can maintain stability without adding any anticorrosive treatment, and for the ring The environment has no adverse effects.

Ordinary wood flooring often requires maintenance after installation, especially when the board is installed in a wet environment, where the general wood material has a low tolerance to wet conditions, so quality problems may occur in such environments. And directly affect the appearance of the floor. Plastic wood flooring is not required for maintenance, the properties of the plate stable and reliable, longer service life.

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